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Currency, language

The currency of Israel is the new Israeli shekel. (ש 1500 ח ד NIS; symbol: ₪)His name is shekel.

You can change cash at the airport or hotel, or at the ATM.

The official language is Hebrew. Here are some useful words you can use in your visit:

Shalom Hello, bye

Ken -Yes.

I don't know. Still the same.

whole thank you.

Boktov good morning!

Erev TOV Good afternoon.

Please. It's vakasha

It's tea beneficial

MAM water

Xie luting Toilet

Malone Hotel rooms

Monet taxi


The current in Israel is 220 v. hair dryers, irons and other equipment need a current converter, but mobile phone chargers, tablets and consoles with adapters are enough.


Tel Aviv / Yafu

One of the most modern and active cities in Israel, the millennium history gives way to the most modern design and culture. Tel Aviv is one of the most spectacular cities in Israel.

The white city of Tel Aviv in Israel corresponds to the city center and is declared as a world heritage site. It is one of the most interesting places in Israeli cities.


Few cities in the world emit so much spiritualityJerusalemYeah. It is the nerve center of three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Founded by King David more than 3000 years ago, Jesus Christ lived and died in Jerusalem. From there, according toReligionMuslim Muhammad ascended to heaven. You can imagine another more mysterious cityJerusalem?

Galilea and northern Israel

Northern Israel, namely Galilee, consists of lower Galilee and Upper Galilee, as well as Western Galilee and the Mediterranean coast.

Upper Galilee is a paradise for nature lovers and the location of enclaves such as Hula nature reserve, Banias trail and waterfall and Hermon mountain.

There are also trails, panoramic roads, swimming pools and biblical sites in lower Galilee.

In West Galilee, we found some charming cities, such as Rosh Pina and Safed, where you can find independent art galleries and small boutiques. On the coast, you will find beautiful beaches, the most striking of which is Rosh Hanikra, its caves and rock formations, which you can reach by cable car.

dead sea

The dead sea is one of the most beautiful wonders in the world. It is a salt lake at the lowest point of the earth. It is more than 300 meters below the sea level. It is the lowest Salt Lake in the world. His hard conditions made it impossible for him to survive, so he got the name.

This is an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in your water, float in the water, and apply mud that is good for your skin.

weather forecast

thatIsrael's climate is characterized by sunny and warm summer(April October)Mild winter(November March). Generally speaking, there are about 6 hours of light every day in winter and about 12 hours of light in summer.

In summer, one is calledkhamsin (Hebrew)Sharaf)This is the arrival of dry hot wind from the Arabian desert, bringing very high temperatures.


Ben Gurion International Airport 20 minutes

Jerusalem Ben Gurion Airport 40 minutes

Tel Aviv Jerusalem 1 hour

Tel Aviv tiberia 1.75 hours

Tel Aviv Haifa 1:25 p.m.

Tel Aviv security 2 hours

Tel Aviv massada 2 hours

Tel Aviv Eilat 4 hours

Tel Aviv Ramon 2 hours

Jerusalem tiberia 2.5 hours

Jerusalem Haifa 2 hours

Jerusalem Sefa 2.5 hours

Jerusalem Masada 1:25 p.m.

Jerusalem - Eilat 4 hours

Jerusalem Ramon 2.5 hours

Tiberia bentar (Golan) 1 hour

Tiberia Safid 1 hour


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Currency, language


The currency of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar. (in)Arabic: د ا), divided into 10 dirhams, 100 Kirsh (or piastra), or 1000 sons. It also circulates in the west bank with the Israeli shekel.

that The official language is Arabic.





Petra, known as the eighth wonder of the ancient world, is undoubtedly Jordan's most precious wealth and the most important tourist attraction. This is a huge city, completely excavated by the rocks of the nabatai people. The nabatai people are a hardworking Arab tribe. They settled in the region more than 2000 years ago and have become an important transit city, connecting the Silk Road, the spice road and other routes connecting China, India and southern Arabia with Egypt and Syria, Greece and Rome.


Creek rum

T companyKnown as the Moon Valley, it is a desert valley, located in the mountainous area composed of granite and sandstone in southern Jordan, with an altitude of 1600 meters.

From the desert ground to 1750 meters high, a maze of landscapes and boulders creates a natural challenge for experienced climbers.

You can enjoy the tranquility of endless open space, explore pipelines and reservoirs, and discover stone paintings 4000 years ago.

Uadi rum reserve is the first mixed site in Jordan declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO (2011).


Erat / Jordan wadirum border 1 hour


Eilat / Jordan Petra border 2 hours



Currency, language


Coins areEgyptian Pound(in)Arabic Egyptian:اجـهامصرىAl-Gunaih Al-Maṣrī)。 The pound was divided into 100 pounds.Piastras(ق ر qirsh), or 1000 million (م م mallim)

The official languages are Arabic and Egyptian Arabic.





Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the most populous metropolitan area on the African continent.

It is called "the mother of all cities" by Egypt. You must visit the Sphinx pyramid, the ancient cities of Sakala and Memphis, the Egyptian Museum and Tutankhamun's tomb, and a boat trip on the Nile.



This is an Egyptian population built on the ruins of the cityThebes, yesNew EmpiredeleteAncient EgyptAnd fourth capitalNomodeleteUpper EgyptYeah. It is on the East Bank of the riverthe Nile, it's worth visiting The finance departments of the two banks Nile, valley of kings, Kanak and Luxor temples.



Cairo / Luxor (aircraft) 1 hour