• Ilana, Thank you very much for everything, it was a very spectacular and unforgettable experience. To know you was a pleasure and if D' os wants to see us very soon. We want you. With much affection.     -Elias, Charlotte, Mark, Gianni and Lance Mizrahi

             Fanny, I want to thank you for the very beautiful journey we organize. It was one of the best experiences of our lives.

  • You are a professional GRAN with a lovely, meticulous and responsible team. All the guests were fascinated. We managed to amuse, educate and bring everyone closer to ISRAEL.   -Fam. Galicot

Fanny, I thank you very much for all that you helped us and I am sure that thanks to this good organization you have made us spend these great moments.

  • Well as you will be able to notice we are left with the urge to return to my dismissal and I reiterate my thanks.     -Fam. Jasqui


After several recommendations I contacted Ilana W. de Events in Israel, who cared for us in a warm and professional way, we had the best journey of our lives with an impeccable organization and making us feel at home all the time, plus my son's Bar Mitzvah Event was a wonderful thing.   -Isaac Askenazi



  • In 2013 we were lucky to be in Israel, from our arrival everything was wonderful, the way in how we received at the airport with a service of first helping us in everything, of our stay in Israel everything was formidable our reservations in time and we were lucky to have a guide of the most kind and knowledgeable with a love towards Israel that contagion us of that affection, it was an unforgettable experience. I would certainly recommend them. Thank you.       -Alberto and Estrella Kichik


We were 3 days after leaving Israel to think and think about every detail and every experience. Truly a thousand thanks for all it was an unforgettable trip for everyone!!

-Rebeca Mischne

  • Ilana, we have no words to thank you for all the attention to the last detail you had with us during our trip to Israel, you really achieved that it was an unforgettable experience for all my family, since we arrived at the airport Ben Gurion to all the details in the Hotel, the level of the guides and the well planned of the excursions etc., but what I thank you most is your great human warmth since you always made us feel like your family from Mexico and you were waiting for us as if we were your brothers, I thank you very much and I hope to be able to correspond when Mexico and we will no doubt continue to visit all of our visits to Israel-sincerely-Isaac Assa



Thanks for everything we were very happy and the trip exceeded everyone's expectations, as we did not expect a special organized fun and spiritual trip. I thank you very much

  • I wanted to thank you deeply for all that you did so that the Bar Mitzva came out precious, setting aside the best table, the waters with its name, the little Tehilim bags, the pashmina drums the shofar and a no end of details that made the reality surpass my dreams. Thank you very much.

For the possibility of attending the celebration with the soldiers, it was a wonderful experience that filled my heart and that of all who were there, as we approached D-os with joy and love.
Thank you for worrying about every detail and making every experience unforgettable. Fondly.               -Marlyn ison



  • Thanks to you for all your affection and dedication so that everything went out as it did. There are no words to say how happy we were, everything was out of series.

-Ilana Lombrozo




Many thanks Ilana for the videos and photos, unforgettable memories.

Again I thank you the traveler so incredible that you planned us.

A strong hug.       -Sofia



  • Hello Ilana, I send you a greeting from Monterrey to congratulate you on the attention and good organization of our trip, very grateful.     -Hector Padilla